grass from the day we met



God knows I was overwhelmed
but my heart knows what to do
I don’t miss much
but God damn I miss seeing you
you raise my main sail
you make my ocean swell
you leave me all alone
in my own hell
I want you to sink
I want you to ring
I want you to sail
heaven send away hell
I’m black and I’m blue
from longing to see you
 I’ll know what to do
if I just hear from you
In this life I’ve lost alot
that’s why I hold on so tight
I’m sorry if my poker face
threw you off the other night
my hearts holding a royal flush
I’m willing to lose it all to win
I never left the table
woman I’m calling, let me go all in
Woman its your move
if you know what to do
take a long walk if you need
get back to me if you want to
if you’ve got a better game somewhere
then you shouldn’t stay
but I’ve got nowhere else to be
I’m not walking away
I want you to sink
I want you to ring
I want you to sail
heaven send away hell
I’m black and I’m blue
it hurts not to see you
 I’ll know what to do
if I hear from you
You can stay on your island
but you’d be welcomed on my shore
can you say that you don’t
 want to hear me anymore
I’ll meet you in your ocean deep
I’ll drown with you and come alive
I’d walk through hell to be with you
in our own heaven

I don’t believe that the great dreamer dreams a creature with such feeling as I, without also dreaming a possibility for the creature’s heart’s desire to be fulfilled.

believe with me,  you who will wade further into the swamps of your heart’s stories

with head and body and soul under the surface, and the great crocodiles finished,

I will have returned * to the soul of I

cupid’s dart doth sure sting smartly

in the breast of his first patient

whilst waiting for the tot to reload

his potion causes fervent anguish


if he doth not mercifully strike the horse

he hath only cruelly chained the cart

so may he dispense an equivalent dose

to the one now stuck in my heart


what is a frog prince to do?

unnoticed and too far from his maiden’s lips to make a transforming impression

a tree frog with broken legs

my only chance to walk again will be with legs of a man

I climbed one night to her lofty heights and called repeatedly to her ear.  Startled by my unknown voice she swept me from my heavenly perch

in the wasteland flat I flail and croak and twitch,

longing to ascend; in the saving hand of my maiden,

or the merciful beak of the heron.


my only amelioration is the enchanting sight of her in moonlight

and the night breeze carrying her lovely voice to my sun-cracked ears

I know to not struggle against the story

there’s a reason these things came to be

with me so stuck like an infant

and her so inviting like a tree