they say good people come in last.  I longed to come in from the cold.

I jumped ship long ago.  alone in icy waters, exhausted, losing my hold

slipping away from the surface, my relief at last, I return

had one kindred spirit, of legs or tail, swam up to me revealing herself, my queen

we would have transported to warmer depths, and thrived in an enchanted realm unseen


fathoms up and glowing warmer,  releasing, dreams and air to breathe

in tears smiling at nightmares gone,  not-swimming-with-you is the only dream to grieve

at the heavenly landfall of my ascent I come to life in your arms, regaining my bliss with you, my light, my sunshine surrounding

on my next venture out may I not grow so cold, remembering and feeling you, my warmth, from cradle to the drowning