4th of July – Soundgarden



Waka Waka – Shakira


You’re a soldier
choosing your battles
pick yourself up
and dust yourself off
and back in the saddle
life’s not over
the pressure’s on
you feel it
but you’ve got it
believe it
if you get down Get up
Oh oh
when you fall Get up
Eh eh
live today
feel it
you’ve paved the way
believe it

It’s True – Ken Parker

not every day is gonna be the same day

and each day we are wandering near our home

not every day is gonna be a day of sunshine

there must be a little bit of rain to cool down the times

yes and its true, true, true

not every man can find a good woman

not every woman can find a good man

not every night is gonna be a night of darkness

there must be a little bit of night to clear up the times


hey there Lonely Girl

I’m too far off to catch her live

I caught her in a deep clear stream

If she was falling I’d catch her right in my arms

she’s literally the woman of my dreams


oh if you would speak right to me

your words they resonate all through me

if you would type five letters and press send

if I could hear and feel Hello from my only friend


I’m not much into catch and release

I don’t know how she feels

I’ve caught a terrible fever

My ailment is real


run run fast as you can

free with the flowing stream

I don’t want to catch you up

unless you want to catch up with me



they say good people come in last.  I longed to come in from the cold.

I jumped ship long ago.  alone in icy waters, exhausted, losing my hold

slipping away from the surface, my relief at last, I return

had one kindred spirit, of legs or tail, swam up to me revealing herself, my queen

we would have transported to warmer depths, and thrived in an enchanted realm unseen


fathoms up and glowing warmer,  releasing, dreams and air to breathe

in tears smiling at nightmares gone,  not-swimming-with-you is the only dream to grieve

at the heavenly landfall of my ascent I come to life in your arms, regaining my bliss with you, my light, my sunshine surrounding

on my next venture out may I not grow so cold, remembering and feeling you, my warmth, from cradle to the drowning



i am not afraid of this world.  Most in this world are afraid.

Though it appears that this world can disturb me,  I must remember always that it is me who is to disturb this world.

– ~ –

“..I want to disturb my neighbor, cause I’m feeling so right. I want to turn up my disco. blow them the full watts tonight…’’

~ Bob Marley

Bob Marley feeling